Featured Book and New Release: Wendy Rathbone

I'm delighted to welcome author Wendy Rathbone to my blog to celebrate the release of her new book, Trust No Alpha! Below are the blurb and book links, as well as a special link to her Facebook Trust No Alpha Release Party. If you want to find out more about Wendy, AND meet some pretty cool authors doing games and giveaways, a trip to Wendyland is a must.

The Release Party Starts Saturday 15th February 8am EST on Wendyland 



TRUST NO ALPHA - The Omega Misfits Book 1

It’s a world gone mad. The Alphas are out of control. 

When you discover you’re not who you thought you were, the nightmare begins.


At age eighteen, life as he knows it is over for Kris. A secret to his nature he was not aware of has been revealed.

Now, kept as a prisoner in a locked room in the mansion of his wealthy father, Kris is at the mercy of Alpha laws and Alpha domination.

Things take a turn for the worse when his own litter mate threatens him, and his father starts behaving strangely around him.

Escape is his only hope. But where can he go in a world that allows him no rights?


Marked as a dangerous Alpha, and living a secluded life alone and unloved, Thorne still grieves for the mate whose death he feels responsible for.

Years have passed, and he refuses to even try to function in normal society.

One day he discovers a young man on his property, disheveled, desperate, and scared. He acts like a runaway Omega, but he doesn’t smell like one.

What is this boy? And why does Thorne feel an immediate need to protect him? To bond him? To make him his?

A non-shifter, Omegaverse love story of rescue, first time, fertility issues and an HEA. Standalone read. 65,500 words. (While Omegas are birth-fathers in this universe, there is no on-page mpreg in this book.)

Pick up Trust No Alpha on Amazon!


Read Wendy Rathbone where... imposters and outcasts, princes and lost boys always find love and a happily ever after!

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Currently, I write all male/male romances. For many years it has been my first love, and is my focus.

If you are not sure which of my books to try first, pick a genre. If it's contemporary, you will enjoy The Foundling Trilogy: Rescue Me, Sacrifice Me, and Remember Me where a billionaire underworld businessman rescues an amnesiac man at sea.

If you love fantasy, The Imposter Prince and The Imposter King tell the story of a double for a prince who must continue in his role after the prince is secretly killed. How can it get worse? He falls for an enemy prince!

Or you might enjoy stories set in present day Earth where the owning of pleasure slaves is legal, in which case you can start with The Slave Palace.

All my books are available in Kindle Unlimited. Happy reading!

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New Release!

Going Down is out on Amazon, and I'm working on the paperback version as we speak. Look out for the next post which give details of a special Valentine's Promotion, where you can pick up Going Down for $0.99 for the next five days! (PS: It IS for over 18's...)


Full of filth and high-octane frolics, Going Down is a work of pulp fiction, the first in Lady Jaguar's Pulp Reads series.
Tino Santini is offered the role of Personal Assistant to his wealthy CEO, after being trapped with him in an elevator just before Thanksgiving. It seems a night of scorching sex can do wonders for a flagging career.

Now his new boss wants more of Tino's talented mouth as well as his organisational skills. Neither of them expect their professional relationship and private arrangement to be anything other than business, until a personal tragedy means that Richard needs Tino more than ever.

Wealthy pansexual businessman, Richard Mason, seems to have it all, but a former female lover, a New York gangster and a murky past all threaten to destroy his chance of happiness.

Tino is the sensible employee who gets stuck with Richard in the elevator, but a bottle of cognac, some donuts and an indecent proposal send him on a hedonistic journey of sex, murder and possibly love.

This was originally a standalone short story on Wattpad - basically an excuse for two guys to have hot sex in an elevator, but due to reader demand, I've extended it to a full-length erotic fiction novel. This Amazon publication has bonus content not found on the Wattpad edition.

Author's Note: Richard Mason first appeared in Jayne Lockwood's novel, Closer Than Blood. Whilst some elements of that story are mentioned in this book, this is not a sequel.

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Featured Book and New Release: Wendy Rathbone

I'm delighted to welcome author Wendy Rathbone to my blog to celebrate the release of her new book, Trust No Alpha ! Below are the blur...