Goldfinches in the Chilterns

Here in the UK it is generally a very colourless time of year. The Autumn leaves have fallen, and all the flowers have withered and died. 

In our garden, though, we were delighted to see a flock of goldfinches have taken a liking to a clump of Verbena Bonariensis seed heads, conveniently growing outside our dining room window. I was able to get these lovely pictures (after several attempts,) of these cheeky, attractive birds. It just shows that sometimes, leaving chores like deadheading can be worth it. As well as providing winter interest on frosty days, they give much needed food to our native birds. 
Verbena bonariensis

This verbena can be invasive (we now have it all over the garden) but teasels and lavender are also good for attracting goldfinches, as well as Nyger seeds for the bird table. 

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