Thursday, 5 October 2017

FREE LGBT Romance Ebooks!

Here's a FABULOUS deal. Sign up to the mailing list for QueeRomanceInk, any time from now until the end of October, and you get FIVE free sci-fi/fantasy romance Ebooks, one of which is Docklands Diamond by my pseudonym, S A Smythe. You will also get access to some fantastic LGBT fiction by some wonderful authors, celebrating romance, diversity, and fantastic story-telling.

Docklands Diamond is a fun, filthy tale of romance, discovery and one sassy talking dick. What's not to like?

On the morning after his 35th birthday, Alex Logan is left with two unwanted gifts; the hazy memory of a sensual encounter with a handsome Scottish stockbroker, and a new, opinionated best friend with a constant demand for sex.

Docklands Diamond is the story of one man, one talking dick and one very sexed-up City executive who will stop at nothing to get Alex into bed. He has a sultry sister, Willow, an amateur witch whose love potion has left Alex in this sticky situation. The problem is, Alex is straight, or wants to be, so it is up to Broadsword, his new best pal, to persuade him that Leith is Mr. Right.

A quirky, filthy story of love and acceptance, with lots and lots of hot sex...

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