Monday, 20 November 2017

New Beginnings (part of the A Holiday To Remember anthology and available standalone)


Part of the "A Holiday to Remember 2017 Series"

Nick is not looking forward to his second Christmas without Sammi, his gorgeous ex-fiancee. She left him on New Year’s Eve, a week after their engagement, and he still doesn’t know why.

A chance meeting whilst out Christmas shopping reveals that Sammi is now Sam, a transgender man. As the reasons behind their break-up become clearer, Nick cannot make sense of his new feelings. He is shocked by the deep attraction he still has to Sam, and what that says about himself.

It will take Nick's straight-talking family, and Sam’s guiding hand, to help him discover that gender is no barrier to love.

A Holiday to Remember

Freddy MacKay - Watermelon Kisses
Foster Bridget Cassidy - But to Love More
Toni Griffin - Corey's Christmas Bundle
Angel Martinez - Safety Protocols for Human Holidays
Nicole Dennis - Secrets & Silk
Kassandra Lea - Winter Home
Jill Wexler - The Christmas Eve Craigslist Killer
Jayne Lockwood - New Beginnings
Tray Ellis - A Piece of Ourselves
J. Scott Coatsworth - I Only Want to Be With You
Siri Paulson - A New Year on Vega III


Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Cover Reveal! Euphoria, coming January 2018


Far in the future, Vardam’s planet has been destroyed, leaving the non-binary life form drifting through space. By chance, they arrive on Earth, and find a human race all but wiped out by a man-made superbug. 

Saddened by the pointless destruction, and fascinated by human beings' past achievements, Vardam is determined not to let the race destroy itself. At great personal risk, they step back through time and space to Kurt Lomax’s laboratory, where the drug that begins the chain reaction of destruction is still at the research stage. 

Vardam has no idea how to deal with humans in 2020. Amongst them there is Tom, out of his depth as the interpreter employed to communicate with them, and the Head Scientist, Kurt Lomax, who has a profound affect on the interstellar traveller. 

Kurt's marriage is on the rocks and his relationship with his teenage daughter is at an all-time low. He is under extreme pressure to produce profitable results, and the last thing he needs is an alien telling him his pet project will bring about Armageddon. 

In the Bunker, deep underground where Kurt and his team have their laboratory, they have almost forgotten what  it means to be human. It takes Vardam and Tom’s arrival for love to blossom, before a misunderstanding threatens to destroy Kurt and ruin Vardam’s plans for a peaceful alliance between the Var people and the human race. 

Sneak a peek!

Sneak a Peak!

Sneak a peek!