Let's talk book reviews (briefly..)

For those who don't know me that well, I write book reviews. I sometimes do it for WROTE Podcast, and also just because I love giving my opinion, whether I've paid coin for the book or been asked to review by the author or publisher.

If you look through the books I've reviewed in the past on Goodreads and Amazon, you will see a raft of 4 and 5 star reviews. Maybe there will be a few 3 stars, and rarely, a 1 star. 

This isn't because I want to be nice to everybody. I'm not like an enthusiastic puppy, grateful to eat any old shit that's lying around. It's because I genuinely stand by that rating, and I ALWAYS try to make the review honest and fair.

It's rare that a book comes along without any redeeming features whatsoever. Even if it's just the cover, there is something positive a reviewer can say about it. You can leave a critical review without harsh words and unkindness. I know some people would disagree, but I'm all about spreading positivity. There's enough negativity in this world without me adding to it. This is especially true in the community I write for, which is close-knit and frankly, needs all the support it can get. 

If I do give a book a 1 star, it will be for a good reason; usually it's because it panders to racist, homophobic or sexist stereotypes. Having said that, I don't automatically slate authors who have pissed me off for whatever reason, especially if I haven't read the book! Or use a review as a weapon to prove a point. No revenge 1 stars either. Nope. No way. I know revenge 1-starring books is A Thing, and I understand why people can be driven to do it, but I've never done it and never will.

The reviews I share on here are for books I've liked or adored for whatever reason, whether it be needing a cuddle, escapism, sexy times or lush romance. In other words, this site is my attempt to spread some love. 

As ever, comments are welcome. 

Lady J x 

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I'll make this short. I'm not Gwyneth Paltrow...

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Day 14 Going Down Blog Tour

Day 14

It's the last day of the Going Down Blog Tour! And it's ending with a bang.

Very many thanks to Anne Barwell at Drops Of Ink for supporting Going Down on her blog. There is a filthy excerpt included with today's feature.

Day 13 Going Down Blog Tour

Day 13

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"....I liked the way this story built and grew. I liked the suspense, the action and of course the hotness between the MCs. It was a fun story with lots of surprises."

Day 12 Going Down Blog Tour

Day 12

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Day 11 Going Down Blog Tour

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Review of Stay With Me by Lily Lamb

Stay With MeStay With Me by A.L. Lamb
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I say "deceptively," because this author never shies away from difficult subjects. She writes gay characters with sensitivity and a lot of affection.

I had a Lily Lamb binge-read this week as I just needed a book to wrap around me like a warm duvet, and this provided just the escapism I needed. Even though there is a tough sub-plot, that of a young Asian bullied by his overbearing father, and another of a character feeling uncomfortable in his own skin, not being the svelte love interest in so many other novels, this was a warm, sweet book with a lovely ending and two delightful characters. I was rooting for them to find happiness right from the first page.

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