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AO3 (Archive Of Our Own) is the spiritual home of fan fiction, and several of my Holby City works are on there if you'd like to check them out. There are many so I have just listed the complete novels and one-shots. 

Fandom: Holby City
Characters: Henrik Hanssen, Roxanna Macmillan, John Gaskell
Genre: Erotic romance
Length: Novel

Set in South Africa/Zimbabwe. This is a polyamorous love story with sexual content. (Yes, I really went there...) 

Roxanna and Henrik have gone for a luxury holiday, hoping to mend their ailing relationship, but Henrik hasn't told Roxanna that her colleague and ex, John Gaskell, is about to gatecrash their trip. When she finds out, she has to decide whether she can cope with loving two men at the same time. 

Henrik is also wrestling with the complexities of a poly relationship. His feelings for John have always been buried deep and never acted upon. And there is his position as CEO to consider...

John is frustrated with both of them as he knows exactly what they all need, and it isn't long before both Roxanna and Henrik fall under his enigmatic spell.

Far away from Holby and when the wine begins to flow, startling truths begin to emerge from under the starlit desert skies.

Fandom: Holby City
Characters: Henrik Hanssen, Roxanna Macmillan, John Gaskell, Jac Naylor, Fletch
Genre: Shapeshifting comedy
Length: Novella

Suitable for age 16 up

What if John Gaskell's research had unforeseen circumstances, and it all went horribly wrong? The night shift at Holby is about to get lively. 

Roxanna lives! But she is in the HDU, semi-conscious, with Gaskell's opiates in her system, keeping her quiet. Can Hanssen save the day, or will he be distracted by his animal instincts?

Meanwhile, everyone else has grown suspicious of Gaskell's activities and are determined to take him down. With the hospital in lockdown, it's a fight to stop Gaskell from wreaking chaos. If he reaches the outside, the whole world might just come to an end.

Chapter Management

Fandom: Holby City
Characters: Henrik Hanssen, Jac Naylor
Length: Short story
Genre: Sex comedy 

I've written this down to get it out of my head. Annoying how plot bunnies just bounce around without a by-your-leave - I mean, RUDE, right
This story is just a case of WHAT IF Jac copped off with Henrik at the New Year's Eve party and the reactions of their work colleagues afterwards. How will Fletch react and most importantly, will it ever happen again?
NB: No actual sex scenes, just reference to them. 

Fandom: Holby City
Characters: John Gaskell, Henrik Hanssen, Roxanna Macmillan
Length: Novella
Genre: Erotic fiction

Unmitigated filth: be warned. Not in every chapter, but some. Have now decided this HAS to have an HEA, otherwise it's just another case of "gays be miserable," and that shit just isn't right. Doesn't mean I won't put John through hell first though. This is set in an AU where John isn't (too much of) a bastard, doesn't steal Roxanna's work and doesn't become a serial killer. Otherwise, canon-ish...

John Gaskell is in lust, and the object of his affections has no clue about the diary he keeps as a way of relieving the pressure. These are his intensely private thoughts. If anyone else read them, the fallout could be catastrophic.

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