Lady Jaguar Free Reads (Over 18's)

I also write fiction under the name Lady Jaguar, on both Wattpad and AO3 (Archive Of Our Own.) These stories are free, mostly unedited, and some are updated weekly. 

Going Down (Stuck in the elevator with the CEO)
Complete and available on Wattpad 

I started this story back in 2015, only intending it to be a short, filthy tale about two guys having sex in an elevator (as you do...) It is now a full-length novel, complete and highly explicit, having reached No. 1 in the Wattpad Hardcore category.

Tino Santini is offered the role of personal assistant to his billionaire CEO, after they were trapped together in an elevator on the night before Thanksgiving. It seems a night of scorching sex will do wonders for a flagging career.

It seems his new boss wants more of Tino's talented mouth as well as his organisational skills. Neither of them expect their professional relationship and private arrangement to be anything other than business, until a personal tragedy means that Richard needs Tino more than ever. 

Wealthy pansexual businessman, Richard Mason, seems to have it all, but a former female lover, a New York gangster and a murky past all threaten to destroy his chance of happiness. 

Tino is the sensible employee who gets stuck with Richard in the elevator on Thanksgiving, but a bottle of cognac, some donuts and an indecent proposal send him on a hedonistic journey of sex, murder and possibly love.

No Limits (Married to the CEO)
Updating every week and available on Wattpad

After a whirlwind romance, Tino Santini has married billionaire CEO, Richard Mason. For a while, it seems they are a match made in heaven, but when Richard's gangster past catches up with him, and ex-lovers further complicate things, their happiness is put under pressure.

Then Tino makes a fatal error, coming between Richard and his estranged six-year-old son, straining their fragile relationship to breaking point. As they travel to England to try to put things right, a slinky ex-lover and her mob boss husband are after revenge, wanting Richard to pay for past insults. 

Soon Pagan Sandhurst, the sultry mother of Richard's son, disappears. Richard and Tino have to work together to get her back alive and finish the Carlottis' terror campaign for good.

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