Short Stories & Poems

Full Moon to Manhattan (fanfic 15 minute read)

Robin is estranged from his new husband, a year after their whirlwind romance culminates in marriage. It takes one very determined angel to make him see that he is truly loved.

Fan fiction featuring Gabriel from The Prophecy, and Rob Martyn from S. A. Smythe's Lexington Black.

Labels: Profanity, LGBT themed, romance, flight across New York, Christmas, HEA

The Hanging Tree (10 minute read)

An adulterous husband gets more than he bargains for when he picks up a shady lady in a hotel bar.

Labels: Local Stokenchurch setting, some profanity, horror

Griselda & Boo (a catty poem for Halloween)

Mischievous cats, Grizelda and Boo, cause havoc in their mistress's home, but she is a witch, so what will she do when she finds out?

The Thanksgiving Gift (15 minute romance)

Anna and her grandmother are making a quilt for Anna's forthcoming baby. As each stitch is sewn, Anna learns an important lesson about family and the ties that bind.

Labels: Thanksgiving, romance, family, HEA

The Family Tree (10 minute read)

A man and his husband visit the place of their youth to remember an old friend.

Labels: Local Stokenchurch setting, past lives, LGBT theme

A poem I wrote for a writing group.

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